Shifting Images 

Shifting Images is a program in which new, accessible music for clarinet and

electronics is live performed with  Marang's photographic sequences.

 As diverse as the composers and their styles are, the thread through this program is formed by the shifting patterns that occur in every single piece. The relationship between music and image can be entirely different for every piece, and based on form, concept or just text. However, music has always been the starting point. 

 The program is going around the world, constantly evolving, and always contains premieres. It can be adapted in various ways, and is fit for middle-sized concert halls, as well as musea. Due to the addition of the topical, committed "The Justice of this Nation" it is also relevant outside the usual podia.

Screenshots from various pieces of Shifting Images

A Two Minute Teaser

The Videos

Sergei Zhukov: Gaia

Jacob TV: The Garden of Love

The Justice of this Nation (trailer only) see also here

Michel Marang: Dirty Windows

Michel Marang: Blind

Ron Ford: Comma

Yannis Kyriakides: Flock

Jacob TV: Peace Will Come

Cinzia Nistico: Unter Allem

MM: Elusion

Cecilia Arditto: Backward

Mao Zhu : Aphasia

Peter Adriaansz: Signals 1/3

Arnold Marinissen: Shutterspeed 


Maxim Shalygin: Nippon

Russian TV-news

impression of Shifting Images

Shifting in St. Petersburg

    Maximn Shalygin: England

    Maximn Shalygin: Assyria

Maxim Shalygin: Sudan

    Ned McGowan: The Appointment