The Justice of this Nation 

A two minute trailer

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 "the powerful become cynical

the ordinary become cruel

the innocent become guilty"

"When working on the program Shifting Images the urge arose to dedicate a work to more explicit human questions, a work that would have a relevance outside the usual concert situation. As I wanted to express ideas about changing ethical positions in times of conflict, I chose not to use contemporary music, but distorted folk music, and not to use just my own pictures (only the pictures made in a Palestine refugee camp and in Syria are mine), but mostly existing journalistic material.

Starting point in my approach, and a reason to choose the Middle-East as an example, is a picture of a mass execution by Isis in 2015 that took place on the exact spot where I played clarinet, and was photographed, some years earlier in the Palmyra amphitheatre - see below.

The result is a twenty minute performance for clarinet and video that can be performed as part of Shifting Images, but preferably at more open and dedicated occasions".


Photos Ukrain/Hungary

historic film stills,  footage 1937

Photos Israƫl

historic news film stills, footage 1948, 1980

Laura Karisch

Photos Iraq

News video stills 2003-

AP, Michael Kamber

Photos Armenia

Anonymous photographer

Photos Gaza

Historic news video stills 1989/2001/2011

Mahmud Hams

Photos Palmyra, Syria

Marang, Isis, unknown photographer

Photos Backa camp, Jordan

Marang, Unwra


George W. Bush, Madeleine Albright,

Tayyip Erdogan, Adolf Hitler

Benjamin Netanyahu, Jan Peter Balkenende, Jaap De Hoop-Scheffer

Armenian songs

Soghomon Soghomonyan

Jewish songs

Marang, traditional

Arabic music

Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra

Concept, tape, clarinet

 Michel Marang

Full video: The Justice of this Nation